by Hannie Rayson

Extinction is a play about passions and ethics overshadowed by death. We are at the Conservation Ecology Centre, Cape Otway – centre for Tiger Quoll research and breeding. The centre is based in the dense temperate rainforest that sweeps down to the blue wilderness of the Great Southern Ocean.  The Tiger Quoll is the largest marsupial predator on the Australian mainland. Although previously populous in this area, Tiger Quolls have become increasingly rare and the populations in Victoria are now classified as endangered.

 At the heart of the play is the debate as to how you resolve the conflict between maintaining a healthy environment (threatened species and biodiversity) and our need to generate power, develop industries and create employment. This is the story of four people brought together to achieve the impossible. It becomes far more than that when illness is exposed and death is not restricted to a rare marsupial. Does it matter we are losing species - maybe it is just the cycle of life. 



Year 11 - 12
VCE English/EAL


Conservation, Ecology,
Idealism vs Pragmatism,
Mortality, Sustainability


75 minutes,
followed by Q&A

90 minute session recommended


Term 1
25 February - 8 March



  • Minimum 6 x 6 metres
    flat, clear playing space

  • Set up time - 60 min

  • Pack up time - 20 min


$17.50 per student,
groups 120+

$2100 minimum fee,
groups -120

All prices include GST,
cancellation fees apply

Invaluable when you are teaching a play for the students to see a live performance.
— Lowana College