Written by Euripides
Directed by Andrew Blackman

It’s 431BC in Corinth. Medea lies grief-stricken, her husband Jason has abandoned her and their two sons, pledging himself to the daughter of the king of Corinth. Medea turns her grief into action and like a force of nature - like no other woman, with animal-like instincts, great intelligence, skill, and ruthless passion - she seeks revenge.

Euripides explores the psyche of the wronged woman in this famous ancient Greek tragedy. As the play builds to its horrifying climax, the behaviour of the characters causes the audience to question whether revenge can ever be justified.

Complete Works presents an unabridged performance of the John Davie translation (Penguin Classics Edition). Selected performances are followed by a Q&A with the cast and director. Company members have detailed knowledge of the play, the language, its historical context and can lead critical discussion on the text and its place in today's world.

Duration: 90 minutes, no interval. Q&A session 30 minutes
Suitability: Year 11 - 12
Ideas / Issues / Themes: Justice, Passion vs. Reason, Revenge, Role of Women

VCE English/EAL Unit 3, AOS: 1 Reading and creating texts
VCE Drama Unit 1, AOS 4: Analysing drama performances presented by other practitioners

Tour Dates

Eastbank Centre, Shepparton
Tuesday 1 May: 11.30am

The Drum Theatre, Dandenong
Wednesday 2 May: 1.00pm (Limited tickets)
Thursday 3 May: 10.00am (Q&A) (SOLD OUT) & 1.00pm (SOLD OUT)
Friday 4 May at 10.00am (Q&A) (SOLD OUT) & 1.00pm

Geelong Performing Arts Centre
Monday 7 May: 11.30am (Q&A) 
Tuesday 8 May at 10.30am

Darebin Arts Centre
Wednesday 9 May: 1.00pm
Thursday 10 May: 10.00am (Q&A)  (Limited tickets) & 7.30pm*
Friday 11 May: 10.00am (Q&A) (SOLD OUT) & 1.00pm


$26.00 Student
$30 Adult
Schools - 1 x complimentary teacher ticket per 25 students

Many of us just wanted to go again - quite brilliant - especially Medea and the actress who played The Nurse. Actually, all were excellent.
— Geelong Grammar School