by William Shakespeare

A balmy Summer night in Verona. Two teenagers are transfixed by one another across a dance floor. Flirtatiously they share a love poem.

In a world of high passion where violence erupts on the street and the bonds of family allegiance must be broken in order to pursue forbidden love, two young lovers rail against an older generation and the prejudice of their society. Their love turns to tragedy as their fate plays out. Was it written in the stars all along? 

Romeo and Juliet is an ideal introduction for teenagers to the plays of William Shakespeare. This tragic story is told with humour and pathos and delights as much as it saddens. Complete Works’ Romeo and Juliet is an abridged version where three actors perform key scenes and play multiple roles. 

All performances are followed by a Q&A with the actors. The post-show analysis session will help students focus on the major characters and explore the themes of love, hate, prejudice, the part played by circumstance and fortune and the generational conflict between teenagers and their parents.



Year 9 - 10


Love, Fate, Individual vs Society, Parent/Child relationships


60 minutes,
followed by a Q&A

90 minute session recommended


  • Book suitable performance space

  • Minimum 6 x 6 metres flat, clear playing space with access to power

  • Allow for set up time - 60 min and Pack up time - 20 min

  • Arrange access to venue, the actors will arrive 1 hour before your show

  • Arrange assistance to use theatre lighting rig (if applicable)

  • Download the Classroom Resources



Four students are required to perform onstage and contribute to the action at the very start of the play, the street brawl scene between the rival family gang members.

The students are an essential part of the performance; the show will not be able to commence until the students have been properly briefed, so please select your students prior to our arrival and please make sure they are available for a full 20 minute rehearsal with the actors.

Student 1:         Gregory (Capulet family gang member)
                        Student 2:         Sampson (Capulet family gang member)
                        Student 3:         Abraham (Montague family gang member)
                        Student 4:         Balthazar (Montague family gang member)

Who should you select?
Ideally, the students should be confident readers. But most importantly, they need to be willing and eager to join in on stage in front of their classmates.

When do the students meet with the actors?

Please make sure the students are able to meet with the actors 20 minutes prior to the start of the performance.

When will they get their scripts?
Students will be given individual scripts and some simple stage directions on the day of the performance.

Please download print off the scene below and give it to the student volunteers so they have a chance to read over and be familiar with their parts prior to our arrival.

The Complete Works actors will guide the students through the scene during the pre-show rehearsal.


Immediately after the performance, students have the opportunity to ask the actors questions.

Two formats are offered for the post show session and are reliant on time.

1.     Question and Answer

2.     Character Hot Seat

If the time post show is restricted to less than 10 minutes, we recommend a standard Question and Answer.

If we have an allocated time of up to 30 minutes,  we recommend the Character Hot Seat.


Download our comprehensive guide before the performance.

The actors were fantastic! They engaged all of our students for the full hour and were wonderful at answering their questions afterwards.
— Geelong Grammar, Timbertop

Pre-Show Information

Space Requirements:
6x6 metres of cleared, flat playing space and access to a power point. If you have a raised stage, we would always prefer to perform on the stage so the audience can see the action.

Lighting Requirements:
If your performance space has a standard lighting rig, we would appreciate being able to use it; we require a general wash on the stage and the house lights dimmed/off for the performance.  Please let us know if we need to speak to a theatre technician at the school before our visit.

Our actors will arrive one hour before the start of the show and sign in at the school office; they will ask for the contact teacher to assist them access the venue. Please let us know of any access or parking issues before our arrival (building works, best entrance for access to the venue etc.)

Access & Set-Up:
Access to the performance venue is required on arrival. This allows time to unload, set up the performance set, costumes and lights. In order to unload quickly and safely, please let us know the best place to access the performance venue, so the team can park the vehicle as close as possible.

Performance Length:
The performance runs for 60 minutes, however we recommend a 90 minute session to allow time for a question & analysis session after the show.

Photography & Filming:
Filming and flash photography of the performance is not permitted. If the school would like to take some photos please let the actors know and they can arrange to do a set-up photo before or after the show.

Theatre Etiquette:
We love the excitement that student groups bring into the theatre, but we would ask that that they understand a few simple guidelines to help them engage with the performance and assist our actors with their performance.

  • Please ensure all mobile phones, tablets and electrical devices are switched off for the performance.

  • Actors love to hear audiences respond authentically to the action on stage - laughing, cheering, applauding, even crying is all part of the experience.

  • Please do not talk or whisper during the performance; it is distracting to the actors and other audience members.

Please email or call the office with your final student numbers and a balance invoice will be issued to the school. Payment is required within 7 days of the performance.

Complete Works appreciates any feedback from teachers and students. An online teacher survey will be emailed to you after the show; this is a short survey which assists us plan our future programs and respond to any questions, concerns and ideas that you would like to raise after the show.

If a booking needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, CWTC requires a minimum of six weeks written notification. Cancellations made within six weeks of the performance date will result in the full minimum performance fee being payable by the school. All cancellations must be received in writing via email or letter. Changes and cancellations will not be accepted over the phone.